Infant with reddish nose  lying on a crib

The woman who divorced her noisy husband told her friends that she was allergic to his snoring.   However, what she didn’t realize is that his snoring was due to allergies.

The trumpeting noise associated with snoring is generated by airflow trying to push its way through an blocked airway. While snoring is not an illness,  it can be symptomatic of other health problems,  even an allergic reaction.

Allergic rhinitis is a health condition in which the membrane lining the nose and throat become inflamed. Usually, Read more . . .

Baby sound sleeping

When little Johnny or Janie  first begins to snore, it’s natural for parents to see it as another cute childhood habit.  In reality, snoring children can be showing symptoms of a serious underlying problem.

When children snore, it can be a sign of OSA, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  This condition can pose a serious problem in up to three percent of healthy, normal preschoolers.  Most often, snoring in children under the age of six years old is caused by problems related to the adenoids and tonsils.  For these children, it’s not the size of Read more . . .

Man sleeps while seating

A nighttime intruder creeps into the deepest corners of your sleep, and quietly takes your breath.

This sounds like a really terrifying nightmare.  In fact,  it’s something that countless men, women, and children, face every night of their lives.

Sleep apnea is generally a medical problem characterized by the interruption of breathing during sleep. The literal translation of ‘apnea’, in Greek,  is “without breath”.  If left untreated, it is a problem that can lead to some very serious health concerns. Read more . . .

Man sleeps in a restaurant

Obesity is a condition that is plaguing our modern society.  Sedentary lifestyles and high fat diets  are causing men, women and children to become overweight and face serious health problems.  Nowadays, virtually every health condition is either caused or worsened by obesity.  Snoring is not a health problem, but it can signify underlying concerns and it can most certainly be caused by excess weight.

When an individual is overweight, additional strain is put on all of the body parts and systems. The excess bulk of some parts of the body, caused by a build up of fatty tissue, can even obstruct with normal bodily functions. Read more . . .

Stooping on the car's wheel

Does someone in your house experience sleep apnea?  If  yes, you’ll know it.  On the surface, sleep apnea can look just like a hefty bout of snoring.   However, the long-term effects can be devastating.

A lot men, women and even children suffer from sleep apnea without even realizing it.  When people with apnea fall asleep, the muscles in the upper part of the airway begin to collapse on themselves.  This can be usually the result of a number of underlying conditions.  For example, being overweight can cause muscles and tissues  in the airway to become flabby.  The airway becomes obstructed, causing the person to actually stop breathing for a few Read more . . .