Lady sleeping and snoring in a train

Snoring is a bothersome,  although largely harmless,  practice.   On the other hand, sleep apnea  is a medical disorder that can lead to serious consequences.

Sleep apnea happens when a person is unable to get sufficient oxygen into their system while sleeping.  Periods of apnea can last 10 seconds or longer,  and often cause the afflicted individual to wake in the night,  gasping for air.

Here are some common sleep apnea information:

*  In America alone, sleep apnea may be widespread in as many as 18 million people.  That means that approximately Read more . . .

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Snoring is a health hazard and an inconvenience for both the snorer, and his or her spouse.  Many individuals will turn to surgery in a desperate attempt to cure the snoring, but non-surgical treatments are available.

While undertaking any non-surgical cure for snoring, it’s vital to establish a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the treatment.  This can be a rather difficult and time-consuming task.  Those with willing partners to help them can ask for feedback as to whether or not they notice an improvement once a cure is under Read more . . .

Wife awake while husband sleeps

Snoring has long been the source of shtick for comics,  and the cause of sleepless nights for unlucky bedmates.   However,  snoring is no laughing matter, and much more than an unwelcome alarm clock.  Snoring is caused by health concerns and can lead to serious medical troubles.  Additionally,  snorers and their partners can face mental health and emotional issues.

Further, those who live with a snorer can find life almost unbearable.  Sleeping together becomes a leap of faith, and snoring has been cited as basis for divorce.  However, it’s important to remember  that it’s not just the Read more . . .

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Does someone in your house experience sleep apnea?  If  yes, you’ll know it.  On the surface, sleep apnea can look just like a hefty bout of snoring.   However, the long-term effects can be devastating.

A lot men, women and even children suffer from sleep apnea without even realizing it.  When people with apnea fall asleep, the muscles in the upper part of the airway begin to collapse on themselves.  This can be usually the result of a number of underlying conditions.  For example, being overweight can cause muscles and tissues  in the airway to become flabby.  The airway becomes obstructed, causing the person to actually stop breathing for a few Read more . . .

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Like clockwork, you go to bed at 10:00 in the evening and wake up at 6:00 in the morning.  Still, you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day.  Even with your strict bedtime practice, you could be getting robbed of valuable sleep. What’s the culprit?  Right, apnea.

If you usually suffer from chronic fatigue during the day,  chances are good that you are experiencing sleep deprivation.  The problem is that you can become so used to this type of tiredness,  that it’s difficult to realize how greatly it affects your daily lifestyle.  In order to improve your quality of life, you need to learn how to control your quota of sleep. Read more . . .