Man snoring, wife awake

No matter how much you care about your partner, if the love of your life is a snorer you need to take action.  Protect yourself from sleep deficit and the associated effects this has on your body, mind and spirit.

The problem with sleep deficit is that it takes a long time to correct and restore. This is like the worst kind of bank overdraft — the interest charged is nearly impossible to repay.

Trying in vain to sleep when your partner is snoring can lead to insomnia. This condition seems to affect more women than men.  Insomnia makes it more difficult to fall asleep and also can cause premature waking once asleep. 

The combination of our hectic modern lifestyles, waking to blaring alarm clocks and insomnia brought about by trying to sleep with a snorer has created a troubling trend of sleep deficits.

Taking sleeping pills is one answer and there certainly seems to be an increase in the usage of this type of drug. However, all medication carries a degree of potential risk and none are without side effects. Sleeping pills can leave patients feeling drowsy throughout the day. They have been known to cause anxiety and memory problems, and are not recommended for long term use.

No form of sedative is recommended snorers, because they create even more relaxation in the muscles and tissues, making the snoring problem even worse.

As the partner of a snorer, there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best nights’ sleep possible:

* Unwind before bed

* Wear soft ear plugs

* Boost the hormones responsible for the circadian rhythms of your body by keeping your bedroom as dark as possible

* Don’t let pets in the bedroom

* Enjoy a light, protein based snack before bedtime

* Take part in some form of physical exercise every day. If you have an active job this is not necessary, but it is very important if spend your day sitting at the desk

* Don’t nap during the day. Keep going and turn in early if necessary

* Reduce your fluid intake a couple of hours before bedtime to reduce the likelihood of waking to use the bathroom

* Speak with your doctor if you believe that you are at risk of depression.  Sleep deficit leads to all sorts of mental and emotional conditions

* Eat a nutrient rich diet, supplemented by a good quality multi vitamin with minerals

* Have a check up with your doctor to ensure your hormone and hemoglobin levels are normal

* Consider sleeping in another room, at least a couple of nights a week, if the situation becomes unbearable

Sleep is so important to your overall health, and you must be careful not to fall into a deficit. For this reason, it might be time to put your own needs first.

Living and sleeping with a partner who snores can have a debilitating effect that can go unacknowledged. Do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t suffer with a sleep deficit.  Don’t let your partner’s snoring put your own health at risk.

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