Wife smiling, husband snoring


Anyone who has ever spent a sleepless night with a noisy partner is well aware what snoring is all about.  Snoring can test the strength of any relationship, however,  understanding the cause of snoring can make it a little easier to manage.

Snoring is noisy breathing as a result of the nasal passageways and upper respiratory tract becoming partially or fully blocked.  When the obstruction causes breathing to stop during sleep at least 5 times every hour and for periods in excess of 10 seconds, it can suggest the presence of sleep apnea.  This can be an very risky condition that may cause the afflicted individual to literally die asleep. Read more . . .

Baby sound sleeping


When little Johnny or Janie  first begins to snore, it’s natural for parents to see it as another cute childhood habit.  In reality, snoring children can be showing symptoms of a serious underlying problem.

When children snore, it can be a sign of OSA, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  This condition can pose a serious problem in up to three percent of healthy, normal preschoolers.  Most often, snoring in children under the age of six years old is caused by problems related to the adenoids and tonsils.  For these children, it’s not the size of Read more . . .

Half-dressed military officials


Men and women who serve in the military must be on alert for the opponent at every waking hour.  Others fight another battle, even while they’re sound asleep.

Snoring is an enemy that plagues people of all ages, walks of life and professions, as well as those who serve in the military.  Of course, when several military men and women start snoring in the same barracks, the resulting racket can make even the bravest souls prepared to take cover. Read more . . .

Sleeping grandma


All women naturally have their little secrets.  It’s what really makes us so.. “mysterious”.  The problem is that some secrets, for instance snoring, don’t stay secret forever.

Couples are supposed to share everything, therefore,  sooner or later he’s going to find out that you snore. However, if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone.  Five percent of women snore,  by the age of 30.  And,  by the age of 60, this number increases to nearly forty percent.   Read more . . .

Man sleeps while seating


A nighttime intruder creeps into the deepest corners of your sleep, and quietly takes your breath.

This sounds like a really terrifying nightmare.  In fact,  it’s something that countless men, women, and children, face every night of their lives.

Sleep apnea is generally a medical problem characterized by the interruption of breathing during sleep. The literal translation of ‘apnea’, in Greek,  is “without breath”.  If left untreated, it is a problem that can lead to some very serious health concerns. Read more . . .