two dogs sleeping on a bed

Sleepy cuties!

Choosing a proper bed mattress is far and away among the foremost important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. It is important because most of us spend one third of our lives in bed. But unfortunately, many of us suffer from back aches, pain, and sleepless nights thanks to uncomfortable positions and support. So to eliminate those problems, finding and selecting the proper mattress is thus a very important process.

There are soooo many models and designs of mattresses in the market, and literally thousands of retail outlets selling them. The problem, however, occurs when it involves deciding which of the available models is best to think about knowing that every piece differs in construction, features, and of course, the price. But to help you find the best material, note that of all the available types of mattresses, be it traditional spring, air, foam, or water, the most well-known and most prevalent in new, online sleep shops, is the foam mattress. For example, Casper, Helix, Layla, and many more. If you are in Canada, consider the Endy mattress, with over 20,000 reviews with an average 4.9 star rating, and a 10-year warranty.

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Infant with reddish nose  lying on a crib

The woman who divorced her noisy husband told her friends that she was allergic to his snoring.   However, what she didn’t realize is that his snoring was due to allergies.

The trumpeting noise associated with snoring is generated by airflow trying to push its way through an blocked airway. While snoring is not an illness,  it can be symptomatic of other health problems,  even an allergic reaction.

Allergic rhinitis is a health condition in which the membrane lining the nose and throat become inflamed. Usually, Read more . . .